2013 Aston Martin DB9 Test Drive & Grand Touring Car Video Review

2013 Aston Martin DB9 Test Drive & Grand Touring Car Video Review

http://www.autobytel.com/aston-martin/db9/2013/?id=32972 Aston Martin has a fine reputation for building hand crafted super cars that epitomize luxury and speed, and the 2013 Aston Martin DB9 is no exception. Autobytel contributor Karl Brauer brought out the silver sports car for trip into the hills of Malibu, CA so that we can all enjoy the V12 symphony under the hood. Thanks to all new carbon ceramic brakes and an electronically controlled sport stability program the larger Aston Martin DB9 has no trouble tackling the canyons of Southern California.

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Video Rating: 4 / 5


25 thoughts on “2013 Aston Martin DB9 Test Drive & Grand Touring Car Video Review

  1. Thomas Ferrugia

    - Edit

    Something that Aston reviews fail to address, because the critics don’t
    have the cars long enough, is the company’s appalling build quality. I own
    a DB9 Volante and the car is a money pit. My aunt and uncle owned a
    Rolls Royce Corniche Convertible in the 80s and complained that it spent
    more time in the shop than their garage. I always assumed they were
    exaggerating; how could a ‘modern’ car be THAT bad? Well, here it is, 30
    years later, and now I know exactly how: British engineering. Sure, the
    cars are gorgeous, exotic and lovely cruisers. But using one regularly
    means you’re always dealing with stereos that crap out randomly, phantom
    warning lights, malfunctioning sensors, trunks leaking water when it
    rains, oil lines that blow at 18,000 miles, brake pads that wear quickly
    and unevenly, squeaks, rattles and a jittery structure. Drive one if
    you ever have the chance but, if you decide to buy, realize that, unless
    you plan to own it for just a year or two, it is a long-term commitment and
    if an owner gets three weeks without something breaking then he’s witnessed
    a miracle. 


    - Edit

    Хорошая машина,Aston Martin всегда выпускает отличные автомобили!!!!

  3. Baseballswag911

    - Edit

    Man if aston martin would give this color db9 the butterfly doors like on
    the mp4-12c that would be sick.

  4. Corvette is american. Porsche looks like shit. Aston martin is for
    civilized people who like to put their foot down now and again n not have
    to see a physiotherapist after a long drive

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