Audi Quattro Concept official promo – narrated

Audi Quattro Concept official promo – narrated

Audi Quattro Concept official promo - narrated

More confirmation that Audi will be taking the Quattro model to production has surfaced recently.

According to a recent report the Quattro Concept was spotted with design-studio license plates on the Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu, California. The car was being escorted to a photo shoot by the California Highway Patrol.

When questioned Audi employees let it slip that the car was, indeed, headed to production.

The result of the video shoot is this video fully edited.

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25 thoughts on “Audi Quattro Concept official promo – narrated

  1. This car looks awesome. I’d love to see it on the streets, but I would
    personally rather be able to buy an rs3 sedan like the clubsport quattro
    concept. Y’know with, 4 door, good luggage space, for every day use.

  2. bigboobiessogood

    - Edit

    “Sexier than a naked Sasha Grey covered in toffee sauce”. Audi if you want
    to use that as a tagline in your brochure feel free.

  3. Fingers crossed this does get produced and under the TT-RS badge for 2015,
    if not guess I will have to get my hands on a 2013 TT-RS until then. But
    love the aggressive styling. 

  4. this is the best interior I ever seen on an audi why dont’t they design
    interiors like this for production cars

  5. Remember the old days rule, you have the driver and your passenger is your
    navigator and manages the radio… nope not any more lol… I wish we could
    have both systems in one car. Either way still love this car and hope
    something of it comes out. 🙂 

  6. basically an A5 coupe with the TTRS engine and a different bumper… the
    back looks nice though reminds of the old Audi quattro coupe

  7. The 2013 Sport Quattro looks ugly as sin compared to this model. Hopefully
    the production model will look exactly like this 2010 concept, and nothing
    like the 2013.

  8. It looks beautiful, and I love the headlights… but the interior looks a
    bit like the 80’s concepts… :(

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