Rich life in Dubai

Rich life in Dubai
Dubai is a city that luxury sits well in. Cars look better in Dubai, maybe it’s the sun, maybe it’s the beach, maybe it’s the towering backdrop. Whatever it is, the McLaren we feature is a car would look good in a multi storey car park. Formula 1 cars may all look the same but McLaren and Ferrari show that when the teams design a road car Ferrari may be thinking Monica Belluci, all curves and style, McLaren are thinking Kate Moss or Kate Middleton… British to the core, beautiful to look and out of reach for the average mortal. Enjoy the feature, it’s a road test, a personality profile and a hotel review rolled into a weekend’s driving.
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5 thoughts on “Rich life in Dubai

  1. islam mohamed sedky

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    والفقراء يموتون جوعا فى كل انحاء العالم ……لنا الله 

  2. Old World Order 999

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    Extreme vanity backed up by extreme greed, exploitation, depravation. No
    freedom of speech; dictatorial oppressive state; death penalty by stoning,
    decapitation, etc; human rights almost non existent; wide spread
    enslavement. Any more examples worthy of admiration? Oh, how wonderful is
    to be living there! How awesome! lol Fucking idiots! Sick! I would never
    ever put my foot on that ground. It’s not worth and…I feel absolutely
    sick looking at men who wear fucking laundry and I totally detest that
    culture, those manners, that religion and that world. Absolutely sickening
    and abhorring. They may build a space shuttle from pure gold and that would
    not impress me in the slightest. They may shit gold from their arseholes
    and that would not impress me either. They are evil individuals vein to the
    extremes. That’s what they are. Nothing to admire there. Absolutely

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