White McLaren F1 driving with revs and peeling out

White McLaren F1 driving with revs and peeling out

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While attending the Pebble Beach Concours weekend in Northern California in 2012 I came across quite a few supercars but the legendary McLaren F1 had to be one of the best! This particular F1 used to be yellow until the current owner purchased it and sent it back to the factory to be repainted white and fitted with the downforce kit which looks absolutely stunning. Hopefully I’ll see this car again soon and get some more video of it!

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25 thoughts on “White McLaren F1 driving with revs and peeling out

  1. The F1 with a HDK (high downforce kit) not an LM. But still an absolute
    monster. Has been my dream car ever since I was a little kid playing NFS
    Hot Pursuit hahahah

    Cant believe this car is in my home state… Where is this in New York

  2. This isn’t just an F1, this is an F1 LM…there’s only 5 or 6 in the world
    I believe. Didn’t know any were still here in the US. I’ve seen pics of
    this car before, didn’t know if it was real because I wasn’t aware that
    they made any of them in white. Absolutely beautiful. 

  3. Tucker Fellows

    - Edit

    There was a while where I didn’t like this car, that time is now over, this
    may even be my new dream car.

  4. It’s rather silent isn’t it? Much more quiet than one might expect from a
    supercar that was made in the 90’s. Nevertheless, the F1 will remain my
    favorite car of all time.

  5. I still struggle to understand how any car can be better than the Mclaren
    F1. There is no other car that is still faster than the Mclaren F1 in my
    books. If you are going to argue, make sure its a fast car with a naturally
    aspirated engine, lightweight, RWD, and a proper manual gearbox. See what I
    mean? After all these years in technology investment, they still have not
    produced a Mclaren F1. Even Mclaren themselves couldn’t do it with that
    gimmick of a car Mclaren P1 and the MP4-12C. 

  6. how rich is your friend??? or are this your cars? i am relativly new to
    this channel but i thought most of these cars are your friend ones?

  7. i love the mclaren f1 its my favoit car yes its from 1993 and set the
    fastest car rec in the world in 1998 at 240.8 mph best car yet to come

  8. Wow, to not only see an F1 on the street but, to see that it’s owned by
    someone in NY and for some time ( since it has the old blue and white
    plates ) ! Supremely rare find indeed !

  9. let me clarify, THIS CAR originally was a YELLOW and was STOCK without the
    High Downforce Kit (IE LM body kit)! Now stop being stupid.

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