15 thoughts on “2015 Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Convention

  1. The prettiest coolest bikes on the planet…. oh and I like the sound of
    the engine… a deep rumbling that touches my soul…

  2. Saw my favorite bike the Street Bob (I wish they would’ve left it alone
    though and not change it like they did starting in 2013-present the Street
    Bob was pretty much perfect the way it was in 2012 and back)!

  3. Harley-Davidson did wonders with their Project Rushmore by listening to
    what the bikers had to say. These efforts have allowed to greatly improve
    all their different lines of bike to the point that they almost reached
    engineering perfection! Everyone wants to own a Harley now! BTW there is
    nothing sexier on Earth than a woman who rides her own Harley! 

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