2015 Mercedes Maybach S600: Your Car Is Ready, Sir – Ignition Ep. 126

2015 Mercedes Maybach S600: Your Car Is Ready, Sir – Ignition Ep. 126

On this episode of Ignition, presented by Tire Rack, Carlos Lago tests the new 2015 Mercedes Maybach S600. Though it has a twin-turbo V-12 and more than 600 lb.-ft. of torque, this car isn’t about driving. No, the Maybach S600 is all about being chauffeured in quiet comfort while your driver calmly shuffles to your next destination. When it comes to the Maybach’s long wheelbase and never-ending supply of luxury features, doing the normal Motor Trend test program seemed wrong. So we did something different. How well does the Maybach work when chauffeuring an elite Internet celebrity? Find out on today’s episode of Ignition.

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24 thoughts on “2015 Mercedes Maybach S600: Your Car Is Ready, Sir – Ignition Ep. 126

  1. Whistling Canine

    - Edit

    Get Mr FRYBURGER out of that amazing car and drive him in the bed of a old
    dirty pickup truck.. Seems he refuses to appreciate ultimate in luxury in
    an objective, JOURNALISTIC form.. Should be illegal for someone with
    fingers as greasy as his to even lay one of his sausage fingers on that
    beautiful car!! LOL

  2. Montenegro Montenegrin

    - Edit

    I can not believe this stupid man didnt tested this car at night.This car
    shows its real potential when you can use all systems like thermal
    cameras,detection systems,anti radars,sky roof etc….And that interior at
    night looks like its from 2050.This review deserves 4/10

  3. Motor Trend Magazine

    - Edit

    On this episode of Ignition, Carlos Lago tests the new 2015 Mercedes
    Maybach S600 in a different way, by chauffeuring around special guest David

    Would you love to be chauffeured around in this luxury car?

    Presented by Tire Rack

  4. Next gen merc s class will have “drunk mode” and you can plug in the
    address of your most favorite greasy food establishment and the Merc will
    steer, brake and accelerate you there all on its own and will take you home

  5. It’s maybach, not mybach
    I know Americans are ignorant as a general rule, but shouldn’t the ability
    to read be a requirement for a journalist? 

  6. ChrisHallett83

    - Edit

    Freiburger is a good dude, but he’s also a luddite. I’m pretty sure he has
    no idea that half the stuff this car can do has even been invented yet.

  7. how about fucking a Victoria’s Secret model in the back and ruin the seat
    with her dirty fluids. ;)

  8. Macintoshmani12

    - Edit

    Now, don’t get me wrong, I enjoy watching all the videos with Freiburger
    like Roadkill and Hot Rod Garage, etc, and I have got nothing against him,
    but do you know how badly I want to be in one of those things at least once
    in my life? 😀 I mean even if you are not into Mercedes or classy cars,
    this is still a really nice car! if you sit in the back of one of
    Freiburgers cars and say something like he did he would make you run for
    sure :DD Looks like I am the only one who likes “both worlds” (Hot Rods
    and cars like these)

  9. OfficialEpic222

    - Edit

    I honestly think the original Maybach 62s is more impressive. Uglier, but
    still more impressive. The S600 is trying too hard to be luxurious with all
    it’s complexity, when in reality simplicity is luxurious. 

  10. Gadgets and nonsense no one needs in a car, and yet people are being made
    to believe they need these things because the marketing world forces ‘more
    is better’ ideology down everyones throat who don’t know any better.

    The one redeeming feature is that engine. Quite a nice piece. And to those
    complaining about the power figures, they’re lower than you would expect,
    on purpose, to have the engine significantly under stressed, making it
    last. It’s easy to get power out of anything these days, even 600hp numbers
    from a 2.0L engine, but it just won’t last. This engine produces 550hp and
    620 ft./lbs. without any effort. If you were to breathe abit more into it,
    the figures would increase exponentially, but at the same time, begin to
    put the component under more forces and stress the higher you go, and
    that’s when you start breaking things.

  11. sunsweetsuitable

    - Edit

    okay…. is this appointment you COULDN’T GET OUT OF ??? and had to leave
    and episode of ROADKILL? dude. ignitio is cool and all,,, but its no
    roadkill. on top of that you left mike by himself to stipulate rules for
    poor z24 kid

  12. Виктор Шишков

    - Edit

    The end made me crunge. A redneck is a redneck, regarless. And I actually
    respect him, but in this video it just screamed why MURICA is a joke for
    the rest of the world.

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