25 thoughts on “Aston Martin One-77 engine, acceleration sound & other Aston


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    I think is way too large for a 2 seat car, should be 2+2 like the all time
    best-looking DBS

  2. They are on businesses appointments to attend or there wasn’t any parking
    left. If you want to record super car why not go down to the car company
    which sales super car, u have all the time on recording it even test drive
    it if possible.

  3. Let me give you an example of how “hard” some people work to make their
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  4. Lister Cascade

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    Well actually it is Ferrari being criticised for not improving the look. If
    you want to talk about the country as a whole then McLaren, Lotus, Bentley,
    Rolls Royce, Land Rover, Jaguar and Noble, Caterham, AC and Ascari need to
    be taken into account. Together they dominate the handling market. Power to
    weight ratio Ferrari doesn’t even come close, the 458 is completely
    dominated by the MP4-12C.

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  6. Man I’m not sure what about my message didn’t relay the fact that I was
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