Aston Martin One-77 HUGE REVS (Gumball 3000)

Aston Martin One-77 HUGE REVS (Gumball 3000)

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This incredible Aston Martin One-77 attented the Gumball 3000 (2011 edition). Hear this monster rev, and drive around in the wonderful city of Paris! What do you think of the color combo? I was pretty impressed. Seeing it for the first time is pretty intense…

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25 thoughts on “Aston Martin One-77 HUGE REVS (Gumball 3000)

  1. @alexsmolik Ah well, can’t have it al right… There are looots of cars
    that I didn’t even see at all.

  2. @Jetsrule192 I couldn’t agree more with you! this car is a beauty. As far
    as I’m concerned, by far the most good-looking Aston Martin! – ALEX

  3. @SpotterGijs Yeah it’s a devil! I saw the Veyron but didn’t even pay
    attention to it lol. Didn’t even make a video of it… Same for the LP670
    SV!! I kinda regret it now, though 😛 – ALEX

  4. @JohnAntonyFortune SS any day the Aston 3.5 – 60 SS 2.5 – 60 SS 5sec
    -100mph looks and sound are second to performance for me!!!

  5. when do the arabs start to leave paris because i’m going there in the
    beginning of August and really want to carspot some crazy Arab action.
    Also, after the Arabs in london leave, do they come to invade Paris? Please
    answer, Alex!

  6. @gfdidfs you’re retarded ! do you really think if i hade this car i would
    be on youtube talking to you right now ??

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