Bentley Continental V8 S: The Best Bentley Yet – XCAR

Bentley Continental V8 S: The Best Bentley Yet – XCAR

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The Bentley Continental GT is a great car. The V8 is ace, too. But the V8 S makes it so much better. We spent some time in one to find out why.

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24 thoughts on “Bentley Continental V8 S: The Best Bentley Yet – XCAR

  1. Our brand new video review on the #bentleycontinental V8 S is now
    available! What do you think of it? Luxury at its best? Let us know!

  2. Bentleys are cool and all, but I would hardly call them understated. A
    Bentley, and a Continental in particular, is one of the cars that seem to
    be the obligatory members of the car fleet belonging to brash, young, rich
    people. Footballers, or millionaire bankers who are under 40. People like
    that. Other cars that people like that seem to find necessary acquisitions
    are the Ferrari 458 (or whatever their latest entry level mid-engined car
    is), BMW M3/4, Porsche 911, and Range Rover Sport.

  3. The only reason I would want to be filthy rich is to own a car like this!
    People are always gushing over supercar sports cars but to my mind this is
    a much better car on real world (bumpy) roads.

  4. Great car. Probably the best Conti overall. Fast enough but also cheaper
    and lighter than the W12. The smart man’s choice.

  5. Planes Trains Automobiles UK

    - Edit

    Have to agree. The Bentley Continental V8 S is a great car. A luxury car
    with a hooligan engine under the bonnet. 

  6. If you keep driving it that fast it’s going to be Dent-ley

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  7. Arthur Sperotto

    - Edit

    One of the best hosts/presenters I’ve ever seen! Matches quite well with
    one of the best cars I’ve ever experienced.

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