Blue Ferrari F40 with Tubi Exhaust – Onboard Ride and Drive-bys

Blue Ferrari F40 with Tubi Exhaust – Onboard Ride and Drive-bys

An incredibly rare and truly gorgeous Ferrari F40, finished in a custom choice of blue for its new owner and fitted with a Tubi exhaust system.

We take a look at the car before jumping in for a ride where you can hear the insane pops and bangs from behind, as well as a few drive-by shots.

The car has undergone a full restoration and Classiche approval for the new owner, including the exterior colour choice that will upset some as a change away from red (the only factory colour from Ferrari), however it works exceptionally well and looks beautiful.

As an earlier F40 it is without cats, and in addition has been fitted with a Tubi race exhaust system for an amazing soundtrack, that constantly backfires with excess pops and bangs.

Thanks for watching, Tim

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25 thoughts on “Blue Ferrari F40 with Tubi Exhaust – Onboard Ride and Drive-bys

  1. this may be a stupid question but i thought all of the laferraris were sold
    out. why are there 2 of them in this showroom? isn’t each car personally
    ordered and delivered to those who ferrari deem important enough to own

  2. WorldSupercars

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    What an amazing car and sounds… So much petrolhead dreams being realized
    here! Just pointing saying “This new Ferrari F40” at 0:09 sounds a bit
    weird in 2015 :p

  3. ProGamerKyle

    - Edit

    Lol I live 1 and a half miles away from where he was 🙁 I met him before
    but I fucking missed him

  4. I don’t care if Ferrari’s should be red or not, but this is the most
    gorgeous F40 I’ve ever seen.

  5. Tim, could you possibly track down a 250 GT California owner and do some
    videos on it? It’s been my dream car for years but there aren’t any good
    videos of it on the internet anywhere

  6. JWT Supercars

    - Edit

    So. freaking. stunning. I’m speechless, one of the best supercars ever in
    my opinion, great video Tim

  7. who paints his/her Car in this horrible color ! Especially especially such
    a nice car…

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