BMW GS Trophy Competition Bikes on the Way to Thailand

BMW GS Trophy Competition Bikes on the Way to Thailand

A hundred BMW R1200GS bikes and another 14 GS Adventures are on their way to Thailand for the fifth annual BMW Motorrad International GS Trophy competition. The competition pits 19 international teams – including for the first time an all-female squad – in a series of challenges testing their riding skills.

The 2016 competition takes place Feb. 28 to March 5 in the Chang Mai province in northern Thailand. The shipment of 114 motorcycles will be loaded onto a ship in Hamburg, Germany, before making the 40-day journey to Laem Chabang, Thailand.


The shipment includes 100 specially-prepped R1200GS models and 14 R1200GS Adventure models to be used by event marshals. The GS Trophy bikes are equipped with aluminum engine guards and steel crash bars, adjustable foot brake levers, wider pegs, Metzeler Karoo off-road tires and other accessories.


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