Buying a 10 to 15 Year Old Mercedes Part 1: Is it Worth it?

Buying a 10 to 15 Year Old Mercedes Part 1: Is it Worth it?

Buying a 10 to 15 Year Old Mercedes Part 1: Is it Worth it?

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Prices have never been more attractive for an older Benz. If you look hard you can find very nice W140, W202, W210, W220, W215, W203, or W211 chassis for an unbelievable deal. These cover most of the models made between 1998 and 2004. In Part 1 on this 10 part series Kent will address the question: “Is it worth it?”. In Part 2 he will answer the question: “Are these really D.I.Y. cars?” For the entre video series:
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25 thoughts on “Buying a 10 to 15 Year Old Mercedes Part 1: Is it Worth it?

  1. i bought a 95 E300D and of late i have been seeing the temp go above 100
    degrees on high way with the heat turned of please advice me here am

  2. Diogenes Paula

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    I just wanna let you know that I appreciate all your videos and I watched
    about all of them I have a 2007 e350 that makes a knocking sound not in the
    morning but after you drive it for a while and let it sit for an hour or 2
    then it will knock for 3-5 seconds and it will go away my question is do
    you think it’s serious or is there a different type of oil that will help
    other than that it runs great
    Thanks George 

  3. My ’01 W220 has 200,000 and drives new and better than the other cars. It
    cost money for upkeep but the MB dealer always did a “real job” vs other
    car dealers repair shops that messed up my other non-MB cars and act like
    they didn’t care giving it back to me with more problem. Sorry, it is worth
    the price knowing the MB repairman loves Mercedes and will take care of
    your car with passion – that’s worth more than anything, 

  4. Great videos! I have a 98 ML320 that drives very well. However, the other
    morning I heard a grinding noise from the rear end. It went away after a
    block or two. Now I do hear a little more road noise back there but very
    very slightly. It almost sounds like a loud fuel pump or something (I know
    this is not the cause-but just as a reference for the sound). Besides
    checking the back brakes and cleaning them. Any other ideas?

  5. Dear Kent,
    first I want to applaud your efforts to make these first class videos.
    Sensible arguments, in mature terms and with common sense. I realize
    there is a business interest, but thank you for the way you approach it.
    Now I want to address a specific issue to consider and get your thoughts on
    The issue of “is it worth it”, depending on “DYI or not”.
    I am very tempted to find a 2006 S430, but question the DYI option.
    At my age of 76, it may be wiser to pay my experienced and trustworthy
    import specialist mechanic of many years $80/hour than to spend 2 – 4 hours
    on the same repair myself, after buying expensive special tools, manuals,
    and studying them for weeks. The high cost of parts is the same or worse
    for me as for the mechanic.
    I would appreciate your thoughts on this reasoning.

  6. I have a question for you sir , I bought s500 2001 last night and when I
    shift down manually I feel vibration and when I put the gear on P and push
    on the gas the whole car vibrate so what the problem would be ? Thank you
    very much 

  7. Hello my question is I have a 1995 Mercedes Benz S320 when I start it runs
    fine after a minute or two it stars surges (up) and (down) then Idle fine
    for a while then starts surging again. What is my S320 problem

  8. wow last month i saw on craigslist a ML320 2003 with 125000 miles on it for
    3400 , rear bumper cover was broken and tailgate damage but repairable,
    too bad I did not have the money to buy it

  9. Recently looked at a 2000 e320 with around 70k miles , I really don’t see
    what is so special about these cars, it drove like an ordinary taurus or
    camry. Interior was so flimsy, and the rear left window failed the 3rd
    time I cycled it to the owners surprise. Looked under the car and found
    the transmission connector leaking and the rear main seal leaking, also the
    valve cover and breather cover where seeping oil onto the coil packs for
    what looked like over 10k miles. The usual temp and clock display where
    messed up as well along with a catalytic converter monolith rattle just
    waiting to fail and throw a code probably as soon as i hand over money.
    Seems like every e320 I look at has the same problems, not impressed with
    german engineering.

  10. Some of you people on these comments know nothing about mercedes.simeone
    said people buy them used because they can’t afford them new.wrong. people
    rather buy used because it depreciation valve has already dropped.and 2
    people with non amg don’t get them because they cheaper non amg is for
    people who want a standard luxury car and people with amg want that sport
    feel but kind of luxury like s 550 have wood wheel s65 don’t but sporty 

  11. Great video1 Always a big fan of your videos as they have helped me greatly
    on my car. Last year I bought a 98 CLK320 with 128K miles on it. It runs
    great except when it get to about 55 – 65 MPH. I get a vibration from the
    front. above or below that range the car is fine. On the suggestion of a
    forum I replaced both flex discs, the center axle bushing/bearing and the
    transmission mount. These parts made no difference and now I am thinking it
    may just need new tires. The car had been customized by the previous owner
    and it has 18″ custom wheels with run flat tires. The tires have descent
    thread so I am not sure. Have you even encountered this vibration issue?

  12. yes its worth it, i just sold my 01 BMW 330i to buy 04 E320 BENZ, i got one
    for 8k here in town with only 89k miles on it, very clean condition,
    definitely worth it,

  13. MitsubishiEvo9 Singh

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    Hey George what’s your opinion on the w211 e500 sport? My main concern is
    the airmatic suspension and it’s repair costs. Thanks.

  14. After having experience with a well worn, and fast Merc 300E I’d say sure,
    buy an old Benz…As long as your that hotrodder looking to replace that
    engine with something thats got more guts and cheaper/easier to maintain.

  15. I got a 2005 E55 Wagon with the designo interior trim as my first car.
    Aside from the reliability this car has everything I wanted from a car.

  16. I just took over the note on an 02 S430 from a friend. Before he dropped it
    off, he said it wasn’t starting and he unhooked the ground and reconnected
    it and it started. When he dropped it off I had him start it again to make
    sure it would turn over. It did. The next day I go to start and the key
    wont turn. I took the battery and had it checked, and fully charged. Hooked
    it back up, The key turned 3/4 and then power died out instantly. Posts are
    connected tight. What might this issue be?

  17. Is a 96 s320 too old I just got one for my mom and I wanna make sure that
    it will be reliable for her n my baby sis the car she had before was a
    98es300 Lexus it broke down within 3 months of driving will this old
    Mercedes do the same ?

  18. Alexander Chavez

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    What would be your opinion on buying a pre-owned 07-08 CLS 550 with under
    80k miles?

    I’m absolutely in love with its design but I wonder if it might be too big
    of a risk in terms of cost of ownership, even for a Mercedes, considering
    they were only made for so long.

    I would greatly appreciate a response, thank you.

  19. Bogdan Kuchurivskyy

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    I have a 98 E320 had it for about 2 weeks now its been working great. But
    yesterday the check engine light randomly came on after i had used the car
    all day. Not sure what caused it, i just recently did an oil change a few
    days ago don’t. Also when i went to the trunk to get something i unlocked
    it and the alarm started going off, and the only way i can get it to stop
    is by disabling the battery. Any advice would help not sure if the check
    engine light is effecting anything with the alarm. 

  20. Joaquin Rivera

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    My 04 CLK 500 has a horn issue. It’s goes off when it’s very cold outside.
    And when I turn the wheel and the menu button on steering wheel. Never seen
    this before. I wish you was my cars doctor. 

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