Cars 2 – AniMat’s Reviews

Cars 2 – AniMat’s Reviews

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25 thoughts on “Cars 2 – AniMat’s Reviews

  1. I wish this film would’ve gotton the AniMat Seal of Garbage. It’s one of
    the worst sequals of all time! 

  2. As a hardcore Cars fan, declaring that Cars is one of my all time favorite
    films and one of those movies I love but what everyone seems to hate, Cars
    2 is one of the worst sequals I’ve ever seen! Because of Cars 2, I never
    bothered watching watching Planes or its sequal! I will always defend the
    first movie. It’s very underrated. But as for Cars 2 and Planes, beat them
    up as you please. That’ll continue to make me so happy because of how much
    Cars 2 pissed me off!

  3. Angel Annaleah

    - Edit

    I don’t like Cars 2, but the animation is amazing and truly beautiful! And
    sometimes I do find Mater like extremely funny, but uh… he kinda annoys
    me as well. IN other words, I don’t really find Cars 2 funny or the
    storyline amazing at all.

  4. This movie wasn’t horrible as a regular, but I kind of understand how
    people were disappointed in Pixar. But, eh, let’s deal with, as every
    studio has made terrible movies and the almighty Pixar is no exception. 

  5. I love the first one. but the second one really sucks. Mainly because i
    hate how it focuses on Mator who i personally can not stand

  6. Story- 2/10 Cliche spy stuff with some other subplot no one cares about.
    Animation- 6/10 Some of the backgrounds looked like they were made in the
    Characters- 4/10 McQueen is as arrogant if not more arrogant than in the
    first film, and acts like a douche the entire time. The new characters add
    absolutely nothing new to the film.
    Movie Score- 4/10

  7. On the Animation Part, you forgot to mention that the Charather design has
    earned some polish, thus making their paint more metallic than in the

  8. How could Pixar do this to us?! Oh wait, it was just one little mistake.
    Hey people, just because Pixar made one little dud does NOT give you the
    right to bash on them. Disney has made duds, Dreamworks has made duds, Don
    Bluth, Tim Burton, Isao Takahata, EVERY PERSON IN THE ANIMATION INDUSTRY
    HAS THEIR OWN DUDS! Except Miyazaki, he has made no bad films at all.

  9. What you think Cars is better but Cars 2 was a pile of shit. Animat, I
    think this movie is good movie.

  10. ahha, it’s a guilty pleasure for me :3 i guess i’m just a sucker for great
    animation; it’s just so beautiful

  11. In my opinion they should have had cars 2 take place in the same place but
    with entirely new characters ,baring in mind people provably didn’t form
    connections with the characters from the original and let’s face it
    McQueens story was over as an interesting one.
    If I was going to write the story it would be this:
    A young/new car gets inspired by McQueen and decides he wants to be a race
    car, a few years later we see him preparing for his first race in the
    piston cup where he is racing on the right strategy and having a cleaver
    race but gets pushed in to a wall and doesn’t finish which we then see a
    montage of him having initial success then being squeezed and other crashes
    and clearly not being successful because he can’t finish and ending on him
    winning but no one offering for him to stay because of his reputation, he
    then gets an offer from (either a made up team eg buy and large racing or
    if it’s posable a genuine IRL team) to race (if possible) in the indy 500
    for which he comes with a new feature which he thought of but everyone
    copies and due to a low top speed he fails to qualify and gets dropped and
    advised to look in Europe he shops around and gets a place in the WRC and
    in his first rally (on Tarmac) wins some stages and gets 3rd but in the
    next one (on snow) gets disqualified for dangerous driving after spinning
    endlessly and falling out over the team over this ,them angry over his
    disqualification him because pre race he had warned them .He leaves the
    team after another disaster on dirt/road losing time being unable to race
    on the dirt but once again does well on the road ,another rally Car
    suggests Le Mans ,it should suit his intelligent/scientific racing style
    with strategy ect. We see him next year at a large team and gets warned its
    on the rally cars recommendation so no second chances 5 hours in we see him
    leading by a long way (a few laps) but extremely tired ,falls asleep
    momentarily and causes spectacular crash but the team forgives him but due
    to the crash tells the team he’s going to retire ,he can’t take so much of
    a roller coaster (ups and downs) but the team talk him in to finishing the
    year in f1 (one last hurrah) which relights his love of racing if he is
    only slightly successful in caparison to his teammate but has a good season
    compared to the grid ,unfortunately the team gets found guilty of many
    counts of cheating most of which he revealed and are banned from f1 and no
    one will take him on next year because they won’t trust him (like Nelson
    pique jr) but after he announces his retirement from racing a car he race
    earlier or an earlier team owner car comes and asks him to head his team he
    noticed his intelligence and determination when he raced ,which since he is
    jobless agrees ,we then see 3 years later where he is one of the best team
    principals/designers and he has led his team to a lemans win the indy 500
    win and 3 championships that year (NASCAR, WRC &F1 )The film ends with him
    in an interview saying that he was passionate for racing but is glad he
    never made it in racing.

    In all the racing scenes he is shown as calculating but just not physically
    able enough to race .
    Besides the lemans crash the crashes are all more like minor taps ect but
    causing a lot of damage to him
    Throughout the film we see him changing the body work between each
    championship to be in the style of the respective championships (nascar no
    wing ,covered wheels irl ,ford focus esq rally ,LMP Le Mans , 2010 f1 cars
    The racing in NASCAR should be on a mix of nascar ovals but his win being
    on a Watkins glen esq track. The racing should be like the start of cars 1 .
    The racing in the indy 500 (name changeable providing rights can’t be
    gained but always IRL esq ) should be realistic to the IRL.
    The rally racing should be cartoonish until the dirt .the road should look
    Monte Carlo esq ,the snow Finnish ,the dirt either welsh or Greek.
    The lemans (as with the indy 500 the name can change) racing should show
    off the technicality and the harshness on the cars of the WEC with a mix of
    LMPs and GTs the crash being akin to the 2011 McNish crash in terms of
    debris and Belgian gp 1998 in terms of scale
    The f1 should take place at Monte Carlo, Spa (moist ) ,Singapore
    (night),Monza(hot),USA(warm with piston cup and indy 500 cars in the
    audience) Brazil (extremely wet and the cheating is revealed here). The
    racing 2010 style (pre DRS) with a lot of overtaking but realistic lines ect
    The film should try to keep a journey feel to it meaning that the film is
    focused squarely on the main character but cases of for example a car from
    the indy car returning in the f1 part should happen but not overly
    In all cases except the piston cup look to have genuine team/ car

    Nationalities of contestants
    Piston cup : all USA
    Indy 500 : mainly USA with Brazil GB Japan And France or Spain and Canadian
    WRC :France Finland Portugal Arabic Eastern Europe USA Brazil
    Lemans USA GB Belgium France Germany Japan Australian
    F1 GB Brazil argentine Japan German Australian France Finnish Italian USA
    and Spain

    This is entirely my idea (I am 16) please excuse the spelling.

  12. i bet all the tf2 fans here jizzed themselves alittle bit to hear the spy
    voice clip at the end. i did

  13. I’m guessing they put a lot of energy in Toy Story 3, that they lost their
    juice in creating this one. That usually happens.

  14. Don’t worry about Brave, it’s an original fantasy type film by Pixar so
    it’s got a WAAAAAY better chance at succeeding than Cars 2 did.

  15. LILI_thefriendlyGiant

    - Edit

    Yah, srsly. They set their standards (ive seen up and toy story 3 and cried
    in both of em), pixar is one of the top animation companies to date. so
    yeah, Brave had BETTER be an improvement if they want anyone’s respect

  16. Andrew Dubowitz

    - Edit

    1:48 that what the spy comedy genre is all about 1:58 oh come on I’ve seen
    Doogal have jokes and pop cultural refernces that are even worst than this

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