Ducati 899 Panigale Review

Ducati 899 Panigale Review

Ducati 899 Panigale Review

The best sports bike of 2014? Possibly…
From my slight disappointment of the 1199S to the utter joy of this beautiful machine.
Go and buy one. Now. Its a Jizz Factory.

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Massive thank you to W.M. Snells of Alton for introducing me to this bike.


25 thoughts on “Ducati 899 Panigale Review

  1. I wonder how this would compare against my Daytona 675R.. I prefer the
    sound of the triple engine but love the looks of the Ducati! 

  2. People needs to hear the 899 Panigale in person to really appreciate the
    perfect sound this bike make. Any bike can make loud noise but not many can
    make the symphony sound that this bike makes. Love my 899!!

  3. ThatRugbyPlayer

    - Edit

    At 4:18 he addresses that sound issue you are all complaining about. You
    dumb fucks, watch the video before you comment. 

  4. Why do Ducatis sound so different? It’s really an unmistakable engine
    sound, much like the Subaru (in a uniqueness sense).

  5. Hey Baron, I’m thinking about getting the 899 as a daily commuter in the
    city for a 15km ride and monthly weekend twistie rides.
    Would it be suitable for this application or am I better off with a daytona

  6. Nice review. I’ve been leaning towards this bike and I agree that most of
    us can’t use the power of the 1199/1299 on the street for commuting anyway.

  7. I have the 1199 and I love it, with this bike and the 1299 due out soon
    Ducati are looking good, but so does the h2.

  8. “Slight disappointment” of the 1199 but the 899 it utter joy?

    Sounds like somebody needs to learn how to ride a SBK….

  9. Awkward moment when you say “not that I have ever ridden a moto3 bike,
    straight after I’ve watched your moto3 video 😉 old video then :p

  10. Baron Von Grumble,Well well,I am really surprised at how much you like it,
    I know, Your choice 🙂 ,Remember the little honda step through? I think
    there is a resemblance with the sound ? Take care :)

  11. Should i get the 899 as my first bike? Maybe riding in sport or wet mode? I
    am realy thinking to buy one soon.

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