F1 2015 Season Mod Career Part 8: Austria | Mclaren Honda

F1 2015 Season Mod Career Part 8: Austria | Mclaren Honda

F1 2015 Season Mod Career Mode! Part 8 Austria!
F1 Career 2015 Austrian Grand Prix!
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F1 2014 Game with an F1 2015 Season Mod installed onto it!

Johnny Third – Young Ones (feat. Jeremy Fowler) [NCS Release]

Twitter: https://twitter.com/johnnythird Soundlcloud: https://soundcloud.com/johnnythird

Intro Song? Krewella – Live for the Night
Favourite F1 Team? Mclaren
Favourite Driver? Button, Vettel, Alonso, Ricciardo
Wheel? Thrustmaster T500RS Ferrari Integral Wheel/TX Racing Wheel
Assists? Corner Line
Difficulty? Legend AI (Hardest Difficulty)

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●►What this series is about:
This is F1 2015 Season Mod Gameplay! This is F1 2014 modded with the 2015 Season Career Mode! This series sees us work through the F1 2015 Season from Part 1 to 19 in the Mclaren Honda car alongside Alonso!
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25 thoughts on “F1 2015 Season Mod Career Part 8: Austria | Mclaren Honda

  1. well done with the recovery drive. shame about the incident 🙁

    1) at least u didnt get a drive through penalty due to it.
    2) glad u didnt back off near end otherwise you would have finished 7th or

  2. Joe Campbell

    - Edit

    Driving in heavy rain with a wheel on F1 2014 ridiculously bad. Great
    series btw aarava 

  3. loved the drama at the end. the anger, frustration and the emotion, totall
    worth watching ur videos.really exciting

  4. That was so funny when u said I don’t give a crap and u were leaving people
    no room that was so funny

  5. “Usually I give the AI most respect racing these guys like they’re racing


  6. Juho Mäkinen

    - Edit

    U have better grip if u drive off the drivingline, because the rubber on
    the track is slippery on wet :3

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