Ferrari California T 2015 review | TELEGRAPH CARS

Ferrari California T 2015 review | TELEGRAPH CARS

Rebecca Jackson reviews the Ferrari California T. Is it good enough to cure her cold?

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25 thoughts on “Ferrari California T 2015 review | TELEGRAPH CARS

  1. Patryk Gorzkowski

    - Edit

    You should stay home Rebecca. You often making great reviews of cars but
    that day isn’t your day by your voice :/

  2. Aristotelis Mitsiou

    - Edit

    Fewf, thought my speakers were broken. GWS. I wouldn’t go to work if I
    sounded like that.

  3. I’d get out of my sick bed to drive that!

    I can half understand what they did with the engine so that you can enjoy
    stretching it through the revs but I’d hate knowing in the back of my mind
    that it was artificial and deliberately withholding torque.

    If you like to really stretch an engines legs on the road then you really
    should get something with a smaller weaker motor like how the S2K used to
    be. That’s the problem when you move up into big boys toys; you don’t/can’t
    get the pleasure of thrashing them anymore and it’s frustrating not being
    able to use all the revs/throttle. 

  4. Hey as much as i luv your reviews Rebecca, you should be at home in bed
    with a hot water bottle & a banana for energy!!
    Although as i type this I’m thinking could i take my own advice if i had
    that beast outside,hmm. lol
    P.S Get well soon mwah x

  5. Constantine Joseph

    - Edit

    Cmon its a review on a Ferrari. I’d get up from bed to ride one even with a
    hoarse voice 

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