Ferrari vs Mercedes vs Williams and the Renault dilemma with Rob and Joe

Ferrari vs Mercedes vs Williams and the Renault dilemma with Rob and Joe

Ferrari vs Mercedes vs Williams and the Renault dilemma with Rob and Joe

Driver coach Rob Wilson and Ferrari aficionado Joe Macari take a look at the season so far, with a resurgent Ferrari splitting the Mercedes and Williams, but with an asthmatic Renault undermining Red Bull and Toro Rosso, how can their drivers salvage their season?

The dynamic duo also take a look at the other teams, and contemplate McLaren’s potential.

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Filmed on location in the showroom of Joe Macari Performance Cars, London, England.

Images courtesy of LAT Photographic


16 thoughts on “Ferrari vs Mercedes vs Williams and the Renault dilemma with Rob and Joe

  1. the1gladiator2

    - Edit

    Nasr impressed me last year during one of the free practices already and he
    has been doing alright so far. Terrific in Australia, although pretty
    horrid in Malaysia and then decent again in China. The real problem though
    for Nasr is that his teammate probably has the worst resume of all drivers
    currently on the grid. And i mean no disrespect to Ericsson, but i think
    pretty much everyone expects Nasr to beat Ericsson and it is not surprising
    to me that he is doing so. Also Nasr has not yet been able to impress with
    fighting on track for position, but i’ll expect he will be getting his
    chance for that pretty soon.

    Verstappen however has been exceptional so far in everything he does. Not
    just because he is only 17 years old, but his smooth and efficient driving
    style is exciting to watch on its own merit. He’s also been able to display
    some audacious moves yet seems in complete control and on top of his car. I
    think it is this mind boggling natural feel that Verstappen has got that
    makes it possible for him as a driver to be years ahead of his age. But his
    biggest achievement i guess is making the FIA look pretty silly changing
    the minimum age for driving f1 to 18 before even being able to judge how
    composed Verstappen would be.

  2. These guys are from a different era and it’s awesome! Check out the phone,
    the lighter and the tobacco. Too funny/cool.

  3. Pedro Teixeira

    - Edit

    I don’t understand how come everyone talks about Max… sure the guys seems
    good, but Sainz has the same points and has outpaced Max most of the
    practice sessions.
    Yes Max overtakes many guys during the race, but Sainz doesn’t need to
    overtake because he probably has a smarter strategist that puts him in
    positions that he doesn’t need! While Max always seems to be on a different
    strategy then everyone else!
    The new guy that has most impressed me is Nasr, and he’s barely mentioned!

  4. Mohamad F.A Gheewala

    - Edit

    I get the feeling Vettel will keep getting podiums and stay in the title
    race until the end. 

  5. MrTheHarderTheyCome

    - Edit

    Is that kind of retro product placement on the table there? Can of coke,
    ancient design mobile, fags and baccy.

  6. AnarchistMetalhead

    - Edit

    sauber a nice team?
    they signed six drivers for this season, knowing they couldn”t fulfill even
    half those contracts

  7. theformula2008

    - Edit

    When are we going to hear a more detailed analysis on Lewis and Nico by Rob
    Wilson, peter? Seeing as last year Rob was talking about how Rosberg would
    beat Lewis and is mentally superior? I think it’s about time we’re owed a
    video on that, and not just a 30 second chat about it.

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