First Look: The New ‘Diesel’ BMW M Performance Models

First Look: The New ‘Diesel’ BMW M Performance Models

Powered by M. Four new M Cars hit the track, X6 M50d, X5 M50d and M 550d xDrive Saloon and Touring.

The new BMW M Performance Automobiles mark a completely new category of vehicle and a change in strategy from the high-revving normally aspirated icons of old.

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25 thoughts on “First Look: The New ‘Diesel’ BMW M Performance Models

  1. Alistair Taylor

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    Hmmm. Remapped Munich taxi cab for £70,000, or a Jag XF-R for £60,000? What
    a tough choice….

  2. Christopher Rushton

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    I thought BMW already had an M range which aren’t the flagship models such
    as the 5 series M. Whats the difference between these cars other thatn the
    tri-turbo engine?

  3. Dennis Costantino

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    EMBARRASSING…M is for Money , Marketing and Morons who just want a status
    symbol car. Real Ms are hand built-naturally-aspirating-GAS motors.

  4. @mavmach3 Listen, if you had money to buy that car, you would have enough
    left to run it properly,and not to muck around trying to save a few pennies
    from your gas bills. That’s why way too much idiots are buying those cars
    with a credit,and in leasing, because they can’t afford it! If you afford
    an M5, you must afford everything that car needs.

  5. Stupid idea.. Why making an M Bmw with a tractor engine? M cars must be
    fast, and like supercars…. mad! There’s no point in having a diesel
    sports car… They ruin M division with diesel engines… And if you say
    again something about fuel nonsense… think… if you have
    80-90-100.000 euros would you care about your car’s mpg’s? NO! If you have
    enough money to buy this, definitely you will have enough to run it! That’s
    a shame for BMW!

  6. …yeah yeah i’m from the us Diesel sucks Chevy small block v8 is better!
    SHUT UP PLEASE!!! These engines are such a wonderful piece of engineering
    and they last longer and have better MPG values than any equivalent gas
    engine. They even sound good!

  7. @Jean793 depends which market- in Australia the cheapest BMW (new) is $44 k
    for 116i- its not afordable- they get cheaper second hand yet. Lot of
    ‘losers’ buy Bimmers but later cannot afford the servicing costs- I reckon
    BMW is trying to show a more eco friendly image

  8. Christopher Rushton

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    @SheebMaster I know, but I was meaning like 535d M. Whats the difference
    between that and this? Also the 991 Porshce 911 Turbo is also expected to
    be tri-turbo charged..

  9. @Jean793 I do have money to buy the car. I’m not filthy rich though so any
    pennies I can save would be very helpful. Who are you to tell people what
    car they can afford or not??? I wouldn’t buy any of the supercars because
    those are overpriced in my opinion but BMWs are more affordable and in some
    ways better than the so called supercars. For instance, BMWs have better
    interior. BMW will always be one of the best carmakers in the world. Stop
    talking nonsense!

  10. @Jean793 dude… you are perhaps a child within the age of 18 so before
    talking, think… think, as much as needed because you make stupid
    statements. indeed, m division should be for angry, fast and insane cars
    but the diesel m division its like that… they are fast, did you see how
    little is the difference between the petrol and diesel engines? And why you
    should spend lots of money for something you can get cheaper ? in world
    people are starving. Its no sense to spend lots of money.

  11. @Jean793 Yes I still would and I do care about my car’s mpg’s! If I can
    save money on gas in the long run, why wouldn’t I appreciate that. I can
    spend my money on lots of other things. You’re an idiot!

  12. oh please bmw dont make the best performance cars, thats where porsches,
    gtrs and lamborghinis come in. bmw makes real world performance cars which
    is why these diesels make sense, cars that you can use everyday and put
    hundreads of thousands of miles in. Those who label people who buy bmw for
    good mileage are actually the real posers thinking they are the king of the
    road just cause they drive a bmw.(335i owner)

  13. i like what they did here … you can see a little Transformers influence
    in the ad, the cars lined up while driving on the track, and somewhat the
    music to is a bit transformersish still great job .. except the little
    misspelling at the beginning, tho has anyone though of the fact of an M550
    having a consumption of 6.3? out of this world,but hey its 83000 euros so
    .. ouch bmw i know you like to make an entrance but NOT LIKE THAT

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