25 thoughts on “Harley Davidson – Engine Assembly on the factory line.

  1. All this talk and articles about Harley twin cam motors being a bad design.
    I have no problems with my TC96. I only have about 15,000 miles on it. I
    recently opened the cam chest to upgrade the cams and my tensioners look
    fine. I ride with someone who has 70k and he did have to replace the outer
    cam chain tensioner at 30k once on his TC88. Easy to do and his motor still
    runs strong with no problems. I still say the evolution Sportster motors
    are the best designed and running Harley motors ever made! 

  2. Cheaply made crap, compared to the pre Twin Cam. The cam drive is a
    disaster waiting to happen, and it is not easy to rebuild one of these
    engines, thanks to the Japanese design and manufacturing techniques they
    are now using (on an AMERICAN motorcycle) Notice the pressed together
    crank/con rods. No more regrinding the crank and installing undersize
    bearings. You have to replace the entire assembly. The whole engine is
    built that way, making it cheaper to replace than rebuild. Having rebuilt
    several Shovels and EVOs, I find this very sad. Just part of today’s
    disposable, throwaway culture. 

  3. 🙁 I came here from owl videos how are owls and motorcycle engines relayed
    in the slightest?????

  4. Yo Harley-D, how about some HD videos of your products, engine, etc. Even
    we die hard like to work on our own horse.

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