Harley Davidson WLC time-lapse restoration

Harley Davidson WLC time-lapse restoration

We had located this Harley Davidson WLC in Europe – it was barely running and whoever had tried to restore or maintain it had done a pretty poor job. Nearly every part and component was incorrect and only seemed to get worse the more we took it to pieces. However as you will see, with our depth of knowledge and expertise we were able to restore and refurbish the bike and rebuild the engine and gearbox back to the highest standard.

We had already sold the bike before we commenced the restoration, so when it was finished we then dressed it as per our clients requirements.

We chose this restoration as our first time-lapse project as we knew that the time to complete the job was the shortest. The filming took place over the period of about 1 month in the Autumn of 2013 at our workshop in West Sussex.

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Mechanical engineering geniuses:
Ashton Dyer / Peter Martyn-Smith

With thanks to Bedlam Media for the production and music


15 thoughts on “Harley Davidson WLC time-lapse restoration

  1. James Ingersoll

    - Edit

    why wasn’t the insides of the fenders painted? That’s all I could think of
    after I saw that…I know it was primered, but how hard would it have been
    to completely cover all the metal with paint?

  2. James Ingersoll

    - Edit

    and I wanted to hear it as well…but otherwise, good show…sorry about
    the nitpicking…I obsess over detail

  3. A piece of artwork. Thank you gentlemen
    “soldier did personal modification” this is correct Randhall Joss

  4. randhall joss

    - Edit

    nice vedeo in deed,nice bike too,well i’m not agree wis the comments of
    pascal l,no one can say realy wat’s rigth or not on ww2 gears,the soldier
    did personal modification depending the contract the riggs was diferent for
    exemple the jeep send in ussr was not idendics to the jeep for new zeland
    any way i got 2 gpw one 5-1942 and one 10-43 with willys a1 boddy and it’s
    the originale boddy ford did use late 43 willys(auburn made)boddy,as long
    it’s original and not replica how cares

  5. Still isn’t correct: the 42WLC never had the WLA ammobox nor
    Although a nice job, the vid makes me somewhat nervous.

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