Help Protect Your Bike During Transport With Knockrz

Help Protect Your Bike During Transport With Knockrz

From a Knockrz press release:

Introducing “Knockrz”…an inflatable system designed to minimize, or possibly avoid, damage to the motorcycle(s) being transported. This new system was awarded a utility patent by the USPO!

Knockrz are designed to provide additional protection to motorcycles that could be damaged from a failure in the device(s) used to secure it while being transported. One size fits almost all types of trailer styles and widths in combination with almost all motorcycle types.

The typical transporting method of a motorcycle is to chock the front tire then tightly strap the handlebar from each side to the floor. It works well until something loosens up or breaks free causing the motorcycle to move too much or fall over.  Knockrz restrict the side-to-side movement by filling the open void between a motorcycle and another motorcycle, and/or whatever the motorcycle(s) is being transported in. They are capable of supporting up to 500lbs deadweight, so they are durable enough to support most motorcycles. They are inflated with a blower that connects to your motorcycle charger harness for ease of installation.

“Knockrz are a reasonable investment considering the cost, downtime and disappointment if damage were to happen to your ‘prized possession’ while it was being transported. Get some peace of mind with a set today!” – Bill Watson, President, Knockrz, LLC

The idea for this innovative concept took shape after witnessing the damage to expensive motorcycles that had come loose inside a trailer. After nearly 3 years’ worth of work into developing Knockrz, they are now available for online distribution at

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