25 thoughts on “How It’s Made – Luxury Cars (Rolls Royce Phantom)

  1. No fingerprints on this windshield? 8:33.. what about 8:39 that guy on the
    right has his grubby left hand on my $25000 window! lol

  2. 8:33 “there will be no fingerprints on this windshield”… literally 8
    seconds later a worker has his fingers on the windshield hahaha

  3. zombieslayer226

    - Edit

    I had one of these pull up into my high school parking lot. It was just
    like one of those “Ha I’m richer than you go kill yourself” cars.

  4. …So I take it I’m the only one that doesn’t understand why people enjoy
    Rolls Royce, even with watching videos like this? Personally the body
    styles look very ugly to me.

  5. Idgarad Lyracant

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    Remember Rolls Royce’s primary business is engineering, specifically Engine
    Design, their car line is for the most part a marketing tool. Their actual
    money maker last I checked was aircraft jet engines and engineering
    consultation. They are by no means a fluff company riding the margins of
    luxury cars but a serious engineering company including sub-systems for
    nuclear power plants.

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