LEGO Cars Big Bentley Bust Out Review : LEGO 8639

LEGO Cars Big Bentley Bust Out Review : LEGO 8639

A 2011 LEGO Cars review of the Big Bentley Bust Out by the Brickshow, set 8639.

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25 thoughts on “LEGO Cars Big Bentley Bust Out Review : LEGO 8639

  1. The winch feature is made for flying yes but in the movie that is how mater
    is trapped in Big Ben by the Lemon cars.

  2. When are you guys doing the joker steam roller review if you don’t know
    it’s got batgirl init and Damian Wayne other people have done it but I
    refuse to watch their review please can you bring it out and the old lego
    batman sets

  3. Kosti Myllymaa

    - Edit

    Also, the information line on the bottom of the video says “Big BUNTLEY
    Bust Out”… Haha…

  4. Cars characters have to be cars, not Minifigures. This isn’t Thomas the
    tank where you can have talking vehicles AND people. Watch the cars films
    and find a single human being.

  5. Steven says the bomb on mater is printed but the rest is not. Very wrong.
    Mater has all print and no stickers. I should know. I have three of him.
    All printed pieces. It’s a 2×4 btw

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