Lion Shows Tourists Why You Must Stay Inside Your Car – Latest Wildlife Sightings

Lion Shows Tourists Why You Must Stay Inside Your Car – Latest Wildlife Sightings

Tourists hanging out of their car at a lion sighting. This lion felt threatened and barked at the tourists. If he had decided to attack, there wouldn’t have been enough time to get in the car and close the window.

SANPark’s Rules: No part of the body may protrude from the car, either through the window or a sunroof, unless in designated areas.

Taken on the S1 near Skukuza in the Kruger National Park in South Africa.

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25 thoughts on “Lion Shows Tourists Why You Must Stay Inside Your Car – Latest Wildlife Sightings

  1. There is a limit to how many fucking annotations you can put on a video
    before it annoys people enough to stop watching.

  2. Laylla Willow

    - Edit

    Some people are just way too dumb. If that lion wanted to attack that
    blonde and that fat kid they could have ended up dead or severely injured.
    Honestly, this level of retardation must not go unpunished! 

  3. uni000ver000sal

    - Edit

    Humans eat veal (baby cows) don’t we!
    What is wrong with wild life eating a few kids?
    Too many albino kids in the words anyway.

  4. Many people think that cats and dogs are much alike. If a dog wags his
    tail, he is happy. If a cat wags his tail, LOOK OUT! 

  5. I don’t like being growled at, if I was there I would have gotten out of
    the car and beat the living shit out of that lion. The kids in the car are
    pussy, a disgrace to humanity, us humans are more dominant and superior to
    these animals and yet we fear them? 

  6. BellinghamsterTrail

    - Edit

    I was afraid the Lion was going to bite one of the Kid’s heads off. If he
    attacked them there is no way they could close the window in time. Mom or
    Dad would have to stomp on the gas or do something else to save them.

  7. lion must be thinking like : damn im sick and tired of these white keeds
    trya take pics and shit of us !

  8. The lion felt uncomfortable the wagging tail is a warning sign for all cats
    even domestic ones it means dont fuck with me asshole or ill swipe you!

  9. ProfitOfDoom420

    - Edit

    Hmm I would have thought his tail wagging was a sign of happiness,Im gonna
    leave my dog alone from now on :(

  10. I love how the female lion gets scared when the lion rawrs lol. And then
    acts like she is not even scared lol

  11. Some people just don’t get it. I went to a Bison refuge outside of Denver
    last summer. There are signs all over the place saying, “Danger. Bison are
    unpredictable. Stay at least 30 feet from the fence.” I’m standing in the
    bed of my pick up truck 40 feet away using a telephoto lens. This young
    woman walks up to the fence, with her cell phone, to shoot a flash photo of
    a cow and her calf just on the other side of the fence. I speak up, “Miss,
    you want to move back. If that cow gets protective that fence won’t hold
    her.” The woman told me to mind my own business. Nothing happened, but
    something easily could have. Wild means “wild” people.

  12. (Ja dis lelik) If you dont speak afrikaans the woman said yes its ugly
    meaning that its dumb to hang outbof the car. Hello fokkers toema ons gaan
    nou braai mar daai fokken leeu het my amper fokken opgeeet

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