McLaren 570S: First Look at the Supercar

McLaren 570S: First Look at the Supercar

McLaren 570S: First Look at the Supercar

The company made famous for their F1 racing team – McLaren – has unveiled the most drivable of its consumer cars to date. McLaren is hoping the 570S will boost sales and introduce the company to a new market. Bloomberg’s Hannah Elliott has a first look at the new supercar. (video by: Zach Goldstein, Victoria Blackburne-Daniell)

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21 thoughts on “McLaren 570S: First Look at the Supercar

  1. Young Progressive

    - Edit

    Good video ! Just one mistake, McLaren isn’t a luxury car brand its a
    sports/supercar manufacturer. 

  2. haha…so funny…while watching this video I wanted to comment “I hope
    they dont make an SUV”.

  3. Craigslist Classics

    - Edit

    The concept of launching a new car every year sounds great but it must be
    hell for resale value. Granted this might be very smart for mclaren because
    all the MP4 owners sold their MP4’s and got 650s so the MP4 value
    plummeted. This might be smart for mclaren because they are in essence
    selling 2 cars to the same customer; they buy the MP4, sell it, and then
    buy a 650s.

    So this might mean that in a few years, and 5-6 cars later, the MP4 or 650s
    second hand market might be something affordable!

  4. Shame that currently the Honda engine is not upto par with the other F1
    drivetrains yet. Great company!

  5. Sweet presence…
    Ray of light…
    Physically – powerful…
    Like – supple woman curve…
    Nature’s sweetie…
    Spectacular – gracefulness…
    The G-force of life – Inflaming voluptuous delight…

  6. McLaren’s designers aren’t very good. The car isn’t beautiful, but not
    ugly either. It won’t make you look back at it as you walk away.

  7. they should put the back of this on the 650s, i hated the back of the 12c
    and 650s, this looks more like the back of the p1 and much more sexier than
    the 12c and 650s rear.

  8. Great McLaren now you are going to be a mass-production. That’s so sad!!!
    Who want’s to buy a McLaren for everyone? I don’t…. :D

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