McLaren F1 Owners Club Meet – Day 1

McLaren F1 Owners Club Meet – Day 1

McLaren F1 Owners Club Meet - Day 1

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I am very proud to show you what is probably the ultimate Supercar Tour: the McLaren F1 Owners Club Meet of 2014! The Tour took place in the beautiful Tuscany, Italy. The group was composed by: 12 McLaren F1, 6 McLaren F1 GTR, 2 P1 and a bunch of 12C/650S used as support cars.
The images you see in this video are all from the 3rd day of the Tour: stay tuned for the following videos to see more!

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25 thoughts on “McLaren F1 Owners Club Meet – Day 1

  1. I love these cars but i hate when they drive nice or super cars on dirt
    somthing about it crawls up my skin :-s

  2. Man, these videos are going to get a ton of views! McLaren F1 footage is
    very rare to begin with, but seeing a ton of them together like this and
    driving is spectacular.

  3. this is why all the supercars after the f1 are great cars there lot of
    innovation with this car. gordon murray made it easy for everyone else THE

  4. The converted race cars must be hard work on the road, look spectacular,
    but noise and hard riding must get tiresome. having said that if that was
    all available to buy at time and you wanted an f1 (unless of course they
    are race winners, then they are always good buying)

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