Mercedes-AMG GT S review by Henry Catchpole

Mercedes-AMG GT S review by Henry Catchpole

One of the most eagerly anticipated cars of 2015 has arrived in the UK, Henry Catchpole gets behind the wheel at Anglesey Circuit for this first drive review.
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25 thoughts on “Mercedes-AMG GT S review by Henry Catchpole

  1. SilverArrow WilliamsMartini

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    I won’t be suprised if the 911 Turbo is faster than the AMG GT S, because
    both cars are still great!

  2. Sorry, but it looks rubbish. The old SLS was looked great but this one
    doesn’t, especially with that 911-wannabe rear. It may be fast, powerful,
    practical and all but god its hideous.

    And please, please, please have Jethro drive the red 911 Turbo for the
    shoot-out! PLEASE!

  3. Eugene Hvorostyanov

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    No need to compare it to 911 turbo, because imho performance wise they in
    different leagues. Better suited companion would be Jag F-type.

  4. Looks so weird at some angles, and I know Mercedes AMG’s always sound loud
    and bassey, but it’s almost too farty for me. Prefer higher revving 6
    cylinder noises any day.

  5. First thoughts are “meh”, I don’t think it will put up the best of track
    times. That yellow paint job didn’t help.

  6. I thought the GT was gearing more to fight the standard 911, not the Turbo.

    I’d really love to see a shootout with the AMG GT, Jaguar F-type, Corvette
    Z51, 911 (and/or) Cayman GT4.

  7. Kristian Brandt

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    Not that it matters but I’m not sure about this thing. It’s obviously
    brilliant but it feels like it’s something Mercedes could’ve built
    themselves. I quite like the way normal AMGs work, how they completely
    shred their tires the moment you touch the throttle. That’s what set them
    apart from BMW’s M-series and Audi’s RS-series. I don’t think this should
    try and beat the 911 by being planted and precise, I think it should be an
    SLS in a new dress. I want the AMG factory workes to step away from a
    completed car and wonder who it will kill and how. I own a 2012 C63 AMG and
    I swear that thing wants to kill me. It wants me to suffer. When you drive
    it on a motorway it makes a low angry bellow, like it’s just impatiently
    waiting for a corner so it can go in for the kill, and if it misses it’ll
    shred its tires in protest XD I think this makes AMGs far more human than
    most other German cars. It also makes them more exciting to drive.

  8. Ganooster Moppy

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    Got to put the win on the porsche, but hell this merc is beautiful and that
    engine exhaust noise to die for. Well done Mercedes-Benz amg, hat off. 

  9. this car will age so bad. i’d take the 911, which after all will always be
    a 911. and it’s cooler imho.

  10. SoCalFreelance

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    EVO if you want to blow my mind, and take your production to the next
    level, film these in-car reviews in 360 degree video so I can put on my VR
    goggles (GearVR) and look around as your flogging these supercars/hypercars
    around the track.

  11. Too many car companies use fake sounds in the cabin now listen to the drive
    by of the AMG GT sounds so quiet. the cabin was louder than the actual
    engine. Merc stated it uses 2-3% amped engine sound. The company Evolution
    Studios in the UK who created DriveClub on the PS4 recorded real engine
    notes for the AMG GT and gave it to Mercedes to use in the cabin.

  12. I flicking the back end out as easy as it looks? Car reviewers who do it
    always seem so calm and do it with ease. They do it with £1 million
    ferraris on tight roads.

    I have no experience in powerful rwd cars I’d probably shit myself if it
    started going sideways. You just ease off the accelerator and it goes
    straight again, more power if you want it to keep going sideways?

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