Milan Show: New BMW models for 2010

Milan Show: New BMW models for 2010

Milan Show: New BMW models for 2010

The 2009 Milan motorcycle show has just opened it’s doors to the general public. Watch the video for a report from the event on BMW’s new models for 2010, including the new GS and 6-cylinder concept bike.
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16 thoughts on “Milan Show: New BMW models for 2010

  1. jesus christ the concept 6 is the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen. Not diggin
    the lump though 😛

  2. International bike show comes by me in Chicago in February, just in time
    for my birthday, lol. I love going to bike and auto shows 🙂

  3. Just a shame BMW’s build quality is wofull! Things rust like no tomorrow
    and they feel very plastic. I was very surprised. I was expecting top notch
    quality until I tested the F800ST and 1200ST out. Both bikes were two years
    old but had rusted like crazy. Alot of false nutrals from gears and poor
    fueling from engine. The 1200GS has terrible reliability and costs an arm
    and a leg to maintain. Only buy if you can afford to keep them.

  4. What’s with Inline Sixes coming back into vogue with bikes? are they
    starting to find advantages to the layout again?

  5. pay richard hammond to do your videos or even bloody chris berry you guys
    could make a glass eye fall to sleep.

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