New Camaro Teaser, BMW M7, Bentley Baby SUV – Fast Lane Daily

New Camaro Teaser, BMW M7, Bentley Baby SUV – Fast Lane Daily

BMW says the M7 will be a reality, well maybe, I mean if they want to make it they will. The ALL NEW Chevy Camaro gets teased, Bentley may have a smaller SUV on the way besides their Bentayga, and Chevy has a “Midnight Edition” for their new Impala as well. Plus, FLD is going to jump into the left lane for some Rapid Fire News! That and the usual entertainment all today on Fast Lane Daily, hosted by Derek D!

Audi R8 “birthing” an RS3:

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25 thoughts on “New Camaro Teaser, BMW M7, Bentley Baby SUV – Fast Lane Daily

  1. Dallas Owens

    - Edit

    I pray they did something with the back lights those things were ugly as
    Hell in 2014-15

  2. If GM can do what they did for the Corvette to the Camaro, then I think it
    will look better.

  3. Dallas Owens

    - Edit

    #FLDQoftheD Now from this evidence it appears to have sharper angles and a
    leaner more aggressive look. It indeed looks like the designer of corvette
    has went with the route to change it and I think it will look great.
    Hopefully it will have a lower track ready stance, it’ll be wider and the
    aggressive shark look(not the mustangs). I think better what are your guys

  4. derrick thomas

    - Edit

    i think the new camaro is going to look badass. hope the car use the
    styling ques of the corvette.

  5. This dragging out piece by piece of the Camaro is really just the wrong way
    to launch a car IMO. Nobody will be excited when it actually comes out
    because they’ve seen every friggin part of it before it is ever in one
    piece, and I haven’t heard of anyone talking about anxiously awaiting
    seeing the new Camaro part to be released(!). The way they launched the new
    ford GT just out of the blue was awesome and had everyone talking, that’s
    the way to do it. As always great show, mad love to the whole crew.

  6. Carl Fleurinor

    - Edit

    Well, the hood they showed looked very C7-esque so if they’re taken design
    language from that then the new Camero is going to be pretty damn
    attractive. But hey, we trusted Chevy to come out with a sexy new Corvette
    and they came out all guns ablazing, so I think Camero lovers are in for a

  7. ChiTownRuler023

    - Edit

    They should have did a totaly new design already for the Camaro. It still
    looks tonkaish. 

  8. Snazzy Snafu

    - Edit

    #fldqofthed I believe that the new Camaro will look better than the
    current iteration of the 5th generation. I know that Chevy’s design has
    really picked up in the last couple of years and Chevy cannot possibly come
    up with something as hideous as a new Mustang. I hope they keep some retro
    features like the new Challenger too, but I’m not interested in muscle cars
    (well unless you count Corvette as a muscle car).

  9. sa iti ingropi copiii ba monta si tu si crva de mata exact in ordinea asta,
    multumesc (impozit pe bacsis)

  10. Lord Amadeus

    - Edit

    The GLE coupe is one of the worst designs I have seen on paper from MB. I
    hope it looks better in person.

  11. #FLDQoftheD I was never crazy about the 5th gen Camaro. From the cheap
    interior to the hotwheel exterior it didn’t do anything for me despite it
    being a hell of a performer. From the exterior teases and renderings, I’m
    liking it. Hopefully the interior gets a major overhaul like the Corvette

  12. I think that the next sixth-generation Camaro will look better becuz it can
    only get better from here onwards. And hopefully its looks will carry over
    from the Corvette. #FLDQoftheD.

  13. Richard Quinn

    - Edit

    I have the gen 5 and I’ve always thought a smaller version would be pref…
    So I think it’s gonna be pref , maybe.

  14. Nathaniel Thompson

    - Edit

    The body is probably going to be smaller for the camaro. Pretty much the
    same way they did the mustang.

  15. I dont really know about the new Camaro, the current one looks absolutely
    horrible because of the rear so the new one has to be better

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