Paint and Assembly – /INSIDE BENTLEY

Paint and Assembly – /INSIDE BENTLEY

Paint and Assembly - /INSIDE BENTLEY

Once a Mulsanne chassis is complete it heads to the paint shop. From there, it is evaluated by a team of paint professionals who look for any blemishes, defects, or orange peel. After the polish, the cars head to the assembly line. The Mulsanne production line travels around the Continental production line within the Crewe factory, with 90 minute intervals for each stage.
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25 thoughts on “Paint and Assembly – /INSIDE BENTLEY

  1. Have some pity on the host. Americans have never had luxury cars
    manufactured, nor had any true craftmanship like this. He has never seen
    cars like this,built like this. He just makes his whole continent look so

  2. @nsa

    It’s not a car. A car is the thing you drive to work every day that some
    monkey in jeans sold to you.

    This is a Bentley. And there is nothing pretentious about them suits when
    they build one of the worlds fines Automobiles. They are simply better than

  3. the Drive soundtracks are consistently A1.

    i wish they published the artists in the “About” section

  4. The host needs to be kicked in the ass. Asking questions that have already
    been answered. Maybe you should listen to what they are saying. 

  5. /drive is getting payed :). it’s just a car, not a blank canvas, those
    workers are just sweatbacks, not craftsmen. just another fucking german car
    except they sell it through these pretentious UK monkeys in suits.

  6. Since i cannot reply directly to one of the naysayers, ill post here:

    Nowhere did /Drive state a similarity to a blank canvas. It is an
    automobile, however one with extreme attention to detail and craftsmanship.
    600 man hours is no joke. I believe an Audi R8 takes about 150-200 man
    hours start to finish. They may not be on the level of Pagani, Koenigsegg
    or even Morgan, however for the number of vehicles they produce, these are
    definitely high quality bespoke automobiles.

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  8. Actually it’s not only on drive.

    You can find the original videos on YouCar channel.

    There is the entire series, without intros, bad edits and J.F.

  9. I live in amarica and it’s sad to say I know what you mean by the comments.
    I personally am not one of the people your talking about, for I love
    imports. Don’t think that all amaricans are like this. It’s not true

  10. Shut Yer Face Garage

    - Edit

    If you want to see the paint process that they didn’t show, Go to
    and look for “Raw to Ready”

  11. Sonnenverstrahler

    - Edit

    Hasn’t this host got any manners? In all seriousness (and please take this
    as constructive criticism, not an insult), take your hands out of your
    pockets when you are talking to someone and for gods sake don’t cross your
    arms. It is just rude and makes you look very, very uninterrested. 

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