Porsche 918 Spyder vs 650S Spider vs Koeningsegg Agera R – DragRace

Porsche 918 Spyder vs 650S Spider vs Koeningsegg Agera R – DragRace

In this video you can see a very unique dragrace between a Agera R, 918 Spyder, and a Mclaren 650S spider. Who’s going to win?

This was on a event Viva Italia & Supercarsunday
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24 thoughts on “Porsche 918 Spyder vs 650S Spider vs Koeningsegg Agera R – DragRace

  1. StandardRacing

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    Considering this is only about an 1/8 mile drag race the Agera wasn’t able
    to stretch it’s legs. Give these cars a half mile to a mile and the Agera
    (with a driver who doesn’t suck) would smoke both of the other cars.

  2. InfuriatedHawk

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    Well, it went as predicted. A petrol electric (instantaneous and
    substantial torque) four wheel drive 918 with shorter gears will, in a
    short drag race, beat a rwd, conventional engine Agera R which has longer
    gears for higher top speed. It’s still a cool video, and I was surprised to
    see how well the 650S did with so much less power and also only rear wheel

  3. The Porsche is insane! The Agera sucks in acceleration and the Mclaren is
    okay… But the Porsche is AWSOME! :)

  4. Lorenzo Locchi

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    Koenigsegg have the worst launch control of any other car brands in the
    world i don’t see this “insane engineering” as every Eggs fanboy on youtube
    claims to be honest

  5. this races tell us more about the drivers then the cars itself, one
    bad/good start can’t define a cars capabilities.

  6. Koenigsegg’s are garage Queens. I can’t believe some people actually buys
    these kitcar like mostrosities. It’s not difficult to make a car with a lot
    of horsepower but it’s difficult to make them useful – as this video shows.

    Have never seen a track video with a Koenigsegg – probably because it will
    fall apart on the first lap.

  7. RichardFeynmanRules

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    Driver and launch skills aside, this trouncing of the other magnificent
    cars by the Porsche 918 in such a short sprint shouldn’t be too surprising.
    The Porsche 918 Spyder is just *brutal* in its acceleration from 0-60 mph
    and 0-100 mph because of it’s power-to-weight ratio, its all-wheel drive,
    and its superb traction control. For the Porsche 918, Car and Driver
    recorded a best-ever, mind-boggling 2.2 secs 0-60 mph in their test, and
    Motor Trend record a best ever a 2.4 seconds. The only car that is even
    close to those times is the now ten-year-old Bugatti Veyron, with various
    recorded times of 2.2 (the Super Sport) to 2.46 to 2.5 seconds for “lesser”
    Veyrons. Yes, with its 1000/1200 hp, all-wheel drive, and traction
    control, the “old VW” would have trounced these cars off the line, too, and
    I would wager to 100 mph as well, even as the Porsche did. But after that
    the power-to-weight ratios of the other hypercars would have come into play
    big time.


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    Is 918 “driver” vs 650s “driver” vs Agera R “driver”. The Agera’s
    “driver” failed. Switch 918 driver with Agera R’s then try again.

  9. Tomasz Rzeznik

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    Its obvious 4 wheel drive will win drag. If that was 1 mile race i am sure
    agera since has most hp would leave other 2 in dust-no brainers here

  10. The ‘segg would win from a rolling start. Check it out there’s a vid about
    it where the 918 gets absolutely smashed. In this vid the k’segg just can’t
    get traction and frankly it has quite a bad launch control.

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