Porsche Cayman GT4 7:42 Nordschleife Supertest sport auto

Porsche Cayman GT4 7:42 Nordschleife Supertest sport auto

Porsche Cayman GT4 im Supertest: Onboard sport auto-Tester Christian Gebhardt. Rundenzeit Nordschleife: 7:42 min. Mehr in sport auto 5/2015
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24 thoughts on “Porsche Cayman GT4 7:42 Nordschleife Supertest sport auto

  1. oha….
    die Vorderradachse könnte aber auf jeden Fall mehr Reifen gebrauchen.
    Understeer Heaven im GT4? Erstaunlich aber offensichtlich.

  2. Was the driver using the auto rev match feature for downshifting? It looks
    like the computer blips the throttle very quickly which is good. Great
    driving and great video!

  3. Patrick Savalle

    - Edit

    The new Porsche supercar! Best looking Porsche in ages.

    The little ‘baby’ Porsche.

    Same laptime as the Lamborghini Murciélago LP670-4 SV (7:42). Only a second
    behind the Lamborghini Gallardo LP570-4 Superleggera (7:40.76). But for
    less than a quarter of the price ;)

  4. das auto hat ja ein schaltgetriebe!! ich glaub ich seh nicht richtig!! 😀
    so nice so ein auto heutzutage noch zu sehen, mit manueller schaltung!

  5. +Suzanne Feyens
    Porsche wanted to bring the GT4 with a shifter and a PDK but due to
    financial reasons and the longer development time they brought the GT4
    Cayman just as a shifter – and not for being “just for a driving
    experience” – you see this GT4 made a 7:42min on the Nordschleife, the 911
    Carrera S made a 7:44min and the 911 GT3 (996) (!!) drove a 7:47min ! They
    made the GT4 to be faster than all of the earlier generations, the fastest
    Cayman and to fuck everyone else who thinks who could drive a faster
    laptime in this car segment because who else is a competitor for this
    Cayman GT4? A future M2 maybe.. but actually a M135i or a M235i, RS3, TT-RS
    and who is the fastest of all these cars? Who build the car to beat them?
    Who build the car to set the fastest laptimes?

  6. A day later we were at the DSK-trackday at the ring. Some people there told
    that Porsche did a 7:34 the day before! I’m sure Porsche doesn’t want
    tell this for political reasons.

  7. Schöne Runde, aber leider eine Beispiel dafür, dass ein Schaltgetriebe
    keine echte Alternative zum Doppelkupplungsgetriebe ist. Fühlt sich sicher
    nicht toll an, wenn man ständig in den 2. Gang muss.

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