Project CARS : S3 EP12 Final Race (McLaren F1 @ Zolder)

Project CARS : S3 EP12 Final Race (McLaren F1 @ Zolder)

So I thought it would be fun to do this 3 hour race, and given I qualified in 1st place with the AI set at 100% I thought this would be a walk in the park.
This wasn’t to be!
Before I even started the race, I noticed my set up had changed. I couldn’t change it back because I didn’t have a clue what all the changes I made were. So I adjusted what I could remember back (Tyre Pressures) and clicked start.

But I can’t totally blame that for my performance I made mistakes during the race also…….

After an hour or so I noticed my braking distances weren’t what they used to be, a pit stop later no change.
Couldn’t work out why???
Then into one braking zone I spotted it, I wasn’t lifting off the throttle while braking like I should have been.
I put this down to getting mentally tired from it, because I literally had to start thinking about lifting my foot off the accelerator instead of it just happening.
From this alone I can see why WEC Drivers have driver swaps after so long, but not only that what I once considered a comfortable seat on the GT Omega Evo Rig I use, become very uncomfortable around the 1 hour mark.

I found myself shifting about trying to get comfy, and focusing on that countdown timer telling me how long is left.
Because all I wanted to do was get up and walk about haha.
Another thing that would have helped would have been working out how long a set of tyres last for and being able to match that to the fuel load.
As Career practice at 30 minutes just wasn’t enough, to work that out and set up the car.
so better preparation would have made me a lot faster and this experience a lot easier.
But you live and learn as they say, and I learnt a fair bit about endurance racing on Project CARS Career mode here.

Would I do it again? Yes! without a doubt. It’s nice to have a racer come out that understands people want to race for more than 3 laps. Thank you Slightly Mad Studios for that!

Lastly I’ve added 3 chapter points during this to allow you to easily watch in sections. Because I doubt any of you guys will sit and watch 3 hours of my driving will you?
But either way thanks for watching guys and girls, every minute you spend watching this and my other videos is really appreciated!!

Thank You!




22 thoughts on “Project CARS : S3 EP12 Final Race (McLaren F1 @ Zolder)

  1. PirateGenius

    - Edit

    2 weeks till release and the AI is still makes bad decisions. I see a lot
    of patches coming

  2. One thing I have noticed, is the driver’s view is much better than other
    games. I can see “up” the track and anticipate much better than what I have
    in other games.

    Good video Chlli

  3. Aww dude a whole three hours! I was disappointed yesterday with no video
    haha but this makes up for it! 😀 

  4. Respect to you for taking on a 3 hour race! And even more respect for
    racing till the finish despite being at the back for most of it! Your
    fastest lap was lap 78 so that is terrific consistency despite being so
    tired by then. And that F1 is a handful, just doesn’t want to slow down and
    more power than grip, so even more impressive. Looking forward to your next
    videos and also to the launch and seeing you in some multi-player action!
    🙂 Cheers again for posting!!

  5. Gordon Giddings

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    3 Hrs , well done.
    Am going to watch in 1 hour increment.
    Thanks for doing this , you should take a rest, lol.

  6. Ryan Conaway

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    I think you have the record for the longest Project Cars video on YouTube.
    Great job! I’m glad to see that pit stops are not always perfect with the
    crew fumbling the wheel nuts. Do you know what else can happen in the pits?

  7. Respect Gavin, for driving to that whole race on the limit. I don’t think I
    could bring up the commitment nor energy for such a long race.
    Races like this really should be done with 2 (or more if the race is even
    longer) drivers

  8. Ryan Conaway

    - Edit

    I don’t know about anyone else, but I like the long races. However, next
    time, could we get some alternate camera angles once in a while, as if we
    were watching a real-life race on T.V.?

  9. When I get the game I’m going to try for the 24 hours of le mans endurance
    race. I believe you can pause the game and with the suspend resume feature
    on the PS4 I can play for a bit, turn my console off into stand by mode and
    have a nap and come back where I left off.

    I want that trophy!

  10. Looked like a lot of fun man! Sucks you couldn’t finish better but the car
    to me looked like it didn’t have much traction.

  11. Bethany Thompson

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    Great job Chilli. I noticed in one of your pit stops you had the option to
    swap drivers. That might be worth trying in the longer races.

  12. Hi chilli steak o think you should do the ginettas, plus great race shame
    you couldn’t do better but I stayed till the end and I understand how
    tiring this must be for you.

  13. This is quite funny to see that you did 3 Hours of Zolder. The 3 hours of
    Zolder in iRacing was a couple weeks ago XD. I don’t have pCars (AI seems
    very aggressive watching your videos), but I’m a sucker for Career Mode so
    who knows. I’m still very undecided about whether to pre-order this game
    (because my sim racing time is with iRacing these days).

    How are you running in terms of assists and shifting?

  14. Short'n'Fluffy

    - Edit

    That’s crazy, how did you manage to race for 3 hours without taking a
    break? Anyway my hat’s off to you!

  15. Oh, and is there multi-class racing in pCars? Like LMP1, LMP2, GTE Pro/Am
    at Le Mans for example. Because I see that all the cars here are all the
    same. I love multi-class racing, especially GT3…

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