Regular Car Reviews: 1986 Toyota MR2 AW11

Regular Car Reviews: 1986 Toyota MR2 AW11

MR2 AW11: A car that still is championing a 1980’s doe-eyed optimistic view of The Future. Yes! Computers! Computers are the future and everything will be new! Look at this car. It has a computer! Beep Bop Borp! Roadblasters!


25 thoughts on “Regular Car Reviews: 1986 Toyota MR2 AW11

  1. Crazy 8s Drums

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    My 4age ’86 MR2 ruled. 0-60 in the 5s and got 30 mpg with just a few
    mods. I miss it terribly and will likely get another…or maybe an NSX.

  2. bitchslapMcHenry

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    Anyone know if these cars are reliable if you buy one that has low miles
    and a little surface rust nothing serious. 

  3. twotailedavenger

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    If they had made it with an auto, I’d be all over it. (yeah, i suck because
    i never learned to drive a stick)

  4. This car is to drive, next to the late 80s Skyline that won Nurburgring and
    the GT-Apex Trueno (sp?) of that era, this is the car to drive.

  5. This was back in the day when Toyotas actually had a buzz of excitement
    about them. Oh, what a feeling, right? The future was extinguished by the
    mid/late-90’s when they discontinued the Supra and started focusing on a
    fleet of cars that gave Chevrolet a run for their money in terms of being
    snoozefests on wheels.

  6. Used to own this still awesome car 🙂 And btw what happened to pop-up
    headlights? 😐 No real, cool and proper sports cars should be lacking those

  7. making pop up headlights illegal is one of the worst things to happen to
    car design ever. I owned a ’89 Honda accord LXI. That glorious 4d,
    metallic flake dark red, sunroof, removed power steering, advanced ignition
    timing, A20A3 powered, lightweight yet roomy car was almost perfect. and
    those pop ups! They just looked great, whether up or down. The accord was
    also one of the few (maybe only?) 4door to have pop up headlights.

  8. This is Tedo kogishiwa’s old car when he was racing bunta fujiwaras ae86
    loooonnnnng time ago but can’t say I don’t love it’s great but I don’t see
    myself driving it since it makes me look like a loser with a expensive 80’s
    mid engine or a “wanna be” still love it.

  9. Year and a half later, I have my second mr2 with a supercharged, import
    4agze being delivered for it today. Thank you for turning me on to these
    Gundam Wing fighters. They’re a joy to have, work on and unlike anything
    out there today. 

  10. thebananaboatlife

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    Lol, this channel is fkn awesome, most of the fun is just listening to the
    funny shit this guy says and how he says it, I have no idea why the
    subscribes are not up there with some of these other auto review channels.

  11. My friend and I both got older Japanese cars in our last years of High
    school. He got a red AW11 and I got a S13, man did we have fun in those
    cars (Still Do). But having driven his car from time to time and
    experiencing it, this video sums up all those feelings and joy perfectly.
    This is the best review I have every seen for this car, on point on all

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