REVIEW – 2014 Mercedes-Benz S-Class – Full Size Luxury Sedan

REVIEW – 2014 Mercedes-Benz S-Class – Full Size Luxury Sedan

This video is a long review done by Mercedes-Benz USA, showing the most important features and innovations of the new S-Class.

With the three engineering priorities “Intelligent Drive”, “Efficient Technology” and “Essence of Luxury”, the new Mercedes-Benz S-Class extends the boundaries of technology on many levels. The S-Class is not just a technological spearhead for Mercedes-Benz but for automotive development as a whole.


25 thoughts on “REVIEW – 2014 Mercedes-Benz S-Class – Full Size Luxury Sedan

  1. Jeremy Lai Wai Kit

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    This S Class made the current A8 and 7 Series look like an ordinary car.
    Good job Mercedes! 

  2. I watched that entire thing,…and was bored almost to tears. The over
    dubbed vocal & 6 year old body shell are very off putting.

  3. every car i watched i had something to complain. But this one ? Okay i give
    up. JUST AMAZING. hope my country will be a place to drive this car around
    in the future cuz i promise one day i’ll definitely buy one. Clear your
    head n imagine this.. THE MB S CLASS – 2030

  4. Gorgeous. They should have gotten an older spokesman do this. Not many 35
    years olds can drop $100k for one of these. 

  5. Pussymoneyweedgod

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    Just bought one a 2015 black with black interior, it is a really cool car,
    but I’m new to mercedes, and wanted to know if there is a company that
    tunes these cars I’m sure I can pull out more then 449hp from this car with
    a tune…

  6. the diamond sword

    - Edit

    nice video i really like it when i grow up i will buy it even it is 2025
    thank for that vedio have a nice day

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