Tesla Model III – The BMW 3 Killer is Coming!

Tesla Model III – The BMW 3 Killer is Coming!

Tesla Model III - The BMW 3 Killer is Coming!

Rettinger’s Riffs: Tesla Model III – The BMW 3 Killer is Coming!

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Jon R is back to discuss various topics in and out of the tech world. On this week’s episode, Jon riffs on Tesla’s newest electric vehicle, the Model III. The EV market is starting to heat up and Tesla is ready to add even more fuel to that fire. Elon Musk, Tesla CEO and co-founder, is expecting the Model III to be available for purchase in 2017 at an astonishingly low starting price of about ,000. There are a lot of other EV options at this price point, but if the Model III is anything like the Model S, it’ll be the one to beat. If you were in the market for an alternative fuel vehicle, would you consider getting a Tesla Model III? All this and more in this episode of Rettinger’s Riffs! MORE: http://bit.ly/1oJIp8B


25 thoughts on “Tesla Model III – The BMW 3 Killer is Coming!

  1. Release date 2017-18 lol You don’t think other auto makers will improve on
    their emissions/MPG by then? 

  2. I have a question, how can other companies so far behind Tesla, in terms of
    battery capacity, 10 to 25kWh compared to 65 and 85 kWh, less than 100
    miles/charge compared to up to 300 miles/charge, how can the gap be so

  3. i’m literally planning my life (at least, in some small part) around
    getting a model III
    first thing on the list after purchase?
    start looking at the newly developing electric car mod scene
    i want this thing to spit sparks off the line, smell like ozone, burn
    rubber like its nothing, and embarrass other performance cars.

  4. I actually hope Tesla becomes a bigger company and eventually expand to
    other countries. I’d really like to own one of their vehicles here in

  5. Don’t tell me that you think that an electric car will replace/beat a gas
    vehicle not to mention the legendary BMW 3 series.This is a very good

  6. My dream car would be a convertible/coupé based on the Model S P85D
    platform! But any of their cars would be lovely!

  7. Funny how americans are like: “murica, fuk yea, bmw killer, mercedes
    killer, audi killer”. Yea well, i know you folks are easily brainwashed
    and overly patriotic, but a medicore car with an electric motor that makes
    it useless for any serious driving is not enough to beat cars that have
    been setting the standards in their classes for decades. And will in the

  8. “I can’t wait until we’re all riding in driver-less electric cars that can
    cruise down the interstate at a max 50 mph”
    – Said no one who loves cars ever.

  9. Problem is there aren’t enough charging stations, you have to always worry
    about knowing how much charge is left and how far the nearest charging
    station is

  10. I think that TESLA is good and ready to go. No gas or oil changes, safer,
    cleaner, comfy and sexy as hell, all around the most intelligent car. GOD
    approves I’m sure.

  11. Baseballswag911

    - Edit

    Wow can you say gas stations are about to become obsolete I was thinking 20
    years with tesla’s current offering the model s but if they come out with a
    vehicle for the middle class there will be tesla’s around every corner gas
    stations are about to take a major revenue hit. Tesla is revolutionary and
    I don’t even understand how their have been plenty of EV’s before but they
    just seem to catch on

  12. dollarshaveclub is a rip-off, they buy their razors from a third-party
    vendor that you can just buy from directly, yourself, and save 50% or more.

  13. Steven Carrington

    - Edit

    For the last 20 years many have come and continue to fail to topple the 3.
    As if BMW is just going to sit still and let it happen.

  14. I plan to buy a Model S P85D for my birthday in May and I am so glad to see
    that this car is a total success. It will be nice to see more and more of
    these cars on the road. There was never any way to get a nationwide boycott
    against the oil companies when they were gouging us at $5 per gallon, maybe
    now they will be forced to listen to their customers because the electric
    alternatives are coming in finally.

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