Weekend Awesome – Gary Rothwells 209.8 mph Wheelie

Weekend Awesome – Gary Rothwells 209.8 mph Wheelie

Longtime MO readers know that we love wheelies. EiC Kevin Duke in particular is known for lifting the front wheel any chance he can get. But not even Duke can do what stunt rider Gary Rothwell has achieved: reach a speed of 209.8 mph on one wheel.

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Rothman achieved the feat at Elvington Airfield in Yorkshire, U.K.,running on one wheel for a kilometer on a turbocharged Suzuki Hayabusa. As with typical land-speed record attempts, Rothman actually had to complete two runs to produce an average speed mark. The 209.8 mph speed was recorded on his second run; his first run produced a top speed of 200.3 mph which would make an average of 205.5 mph. The speeds still need to be ratified but if they hold, it should shatter the previous Guinness world record mark of 156.5 mph set by Terry Calcott, also set at Elvington Airfield.

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