Young Elon Musk featured in documentary about millionaires (1999)

Young Elon Musk featured in documentary about millionaires (1999)

[FIRST ELON MUSK VIDEO] Elon Musk, in an oversized suit, accepts delivery of his million dollar McLaren F1 supercar – just 3 years after setting foot in Silicon Valley. His girlfriend and future (ex)wife Justine, shares his excitement and acknowledge her fear of loosing perspective with their newly found wealth.

A few years later Elon would wreck his McLaren F1…

Elon was 28 years old
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25 thoughts on “Young Elon Musk featured in documentary about millionaires (1999)

  1. The really fun part is that the latest Tesla Model S performance model has
    a better acceleration than the MacLaren F1 in this video. I guess the sense
    of satisfaction of creating a company probably does win out in the end. ^^

  2. became paypal which he sold for billions, which gave him the cash to
    start SpaceX and Tesla.

  3. I bet you he looks back at himself and cringes now. Hair all fucked up,
    over sized mustard jacket, cocky as lol Dude got some style now.

  4. michael james III

    - Edit

    Someone please label this as NSFW. Musk’s fiance has caused me to lose my
    1 day /r/nofap streak. She looks so young… so fresh.. so juicy.. so
    healthy. ohhhhh Mlady!!!!

  5. mashallah, he’s kept such a good character even when he’s making millions
    he never let the money get to him and he continues to aim to help the world
    through his ideas! surely he is blessed in good character and abilities

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